Effluvium Eight

$ 900.00


Product Details

"Effluvium Six"

18 x18 inches (46 x 46cm)

mixed media on cradled wood panel

I started working with discarded or utilitarian objects from my studio lately. The point of this was to find discarded things, maybe something I had used to test swatches or spray cans, to use these unintentional marks as the first step in a piece. This is a rather backward approach from my usual process. However, the reward in using random refuse is that you get new problems to solve. I sometimes think if you are creating the same problems for yourself, visually, you start getting the same answers over and over. Collaborations are a good way to present yourself with new problems. These are really collaborations with chance. It is also cyclical. By creating more work I end up with more by-product and the new waste starts the process all over again.

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