"It Bears Repeating" Original Canvas +NFT-(2024)

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“It Bears Repeating – (2024)” I am releasing this piece on New Year's Day 2024 as both a physical piece and an NFT. The original piece is 72x36 inches (183x91.5 cm) when stretched. This is my first NFT ever. The medium is Aerosol and acrylic on canvas. This post is for both the Original with the companion NFT. Shipping arrangements will be made for the original after purchase. After the past few years, we have all had to endured quite a bit. A global pandemic, 2 wars, a rising income gap, a housing crisis, energy crisis, and a pending environmental catastrophe etc. At times the weight of it all has crushed my spirit. So in December of 2023, I decided to go into my studio and re-visit this piece. This is my mantra, and rather than repeating it verbally from time to time, particularly when things are weighing down upon me, I remind myself of the basics by making this again. It's a ritual I perform when needed. The time I spend with the piece, alone in the studio reinforces this message and realigns my perspective. That process, is what I take away. The piece itself needs to go out into the world. New Year's Day seemed the perfect time to put it out in the world. I suspect many people have struggled in a similar way to myself over the past few years. Today is a New Year, a new chapter, and this seemed an apropos first piece....

After purchase the NFT will be transferred to your wallet address.
If you have questions you can email me here: eddie@eddiecolla.com
Also this NFT is available on the Divenci.com Platform here: https://divenci.com/item-details/736

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