After forsaking you, they will call you hero in their speeches

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I have a few AP's (Artist proofs) of this poster that I am now releasing as I clean out my archive. These prints were used to raise over $5000 to purchase and distribute PPE to front line Covid workers in the hardest hit areas during the peak outbreak last winter. Sometimes my work has a more concrete impact on immediate problems and it is very rewarding to be able to assist others in a time of need.

Thanks to anyone who bought one these posters and helped us get the PPE

In the Spring of this year, when there were massive PPE shortages among frontline COVID workers, I started contacting friends in China, Hong Kong and Cambodia to see if I could buy masks and supplies to donate to some of the hardest hit areas. While the United States government dragged its feet, unable to offer even basic protection to health care and other essential workers, I, as an ordinary citizen, was able to purchase around 1000 masks and distribute them to hospitals in need. It wasn’t particularly difficult, this administration simply lacked the will to protect the very people who were keeping us safe and risking their own well being. I spoke with hospital workers at the time who were reusing disposable masks for 4-5 days of 12 hour shifts. The very people who risked their own health everyday to keep us safe could not even be provided with the most basic items to allow them to perform their work safely.

This print “Forsake” was in response to that experience. “After forsaking you, they will call you hero in their speeches” is written across each image. It’s indicative of the sanctimonious gestures of the Trump administration and politicians in general. While the essential workers were little more than an afterthought, their efforts are co-opted as public relations campaigns for leaders who failed to lead.



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