"When the world was big" Postcard/Print set

$ 40.00


Product Details

Set of 6 4x6 inch postcards (10x15cm) on ultra thick stock

Wrapped in butcher paper print 12x12inches (30x30cm)

The 6 post cards are images of street pieces I had done over the past few years, they are wrapped in a random photo printed on butcher paper. Every pack is wrapped in different image (the images are just some examples, they may vary).

The postcard backs contain some messages I had sent to friends and family over the years, regarding where I was or what I was thinking at the time.

Why did I make these? Mostly because, like many other people, I have been stuck at home for the past several months, unable to travel and these images are things I often reflect upon when the reality of the pandemic starts to fuck with my head. The current state of affairs has driven me to nostalgia, something I rarely engage in. But these are strange times and these are my memories of when the world was big. It's a cathartic exercise for me and a reminder that nothing lasts forever. The world will be big again. For now I have this, a reminder to myself of better days. Personally, remembering has never been a favorite past time of mine. With the world on pause it seemed a good time to consider all that's happened in the past few years. Like the man said "If you don't know where you've been, how can you know where you're going?"

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.



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