Dead man's switch

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Mixed media on found cabinet door.

19x46 inches (48X117 cm)

This piece is from the epilogue installation with D Young V in which we explored a range of possible apocalyptic events and their aftermath. The text of this piece reads:

  It wasn't the war, the virus or our inherent destructive nature. We could have overcome it all, we could've saved ourselves. Those things were simply a match, they were not the powder keg. We had Science, unstoppable science and knowledge.  We had killed god a long time ago and replaced him by understanding. But there was fear, and science couldn't cure fear. It spread across a continent in 22 minutes of broadcast and then across the sea. If there is a god, than that god is fear. The one thing we couldn't control or fixed and stop. The one thing stronger than our knowledge. It was peerless. A dead man's switch built into a world that sought to control it's own destiny. It couldn't be undone

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