Le jour du ciel rouge

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Le Jour du ciel rouge

Collaboration with James Swinson

38 x 36 x 1.5 inches  (96 x 91 x 4cm)

Mixed media on wood panel

James Swinson and I made this piece in June of 2021. We were simply having a studio day where we show up with a bunch of material and spend the day making collaborations spontaneously. Somewhere in the making process pieces usually start to have a voice about something, an event, a concept, something. When I work by myself often I have an idea or a concept before I start anything. When we do these studio days the process is the reverse. Initially I was very uncomfortable with these days. James would show up and immediately start working and I would be pacing around thinking "what the fuck? I don't even know where I am trying to go".  Eventually, I relaxed and began to recognize a pattern. Even if you begin work with no clear intent your subconscious will steer you somewhere. It will unveil some preoccupation you are holding. In this case we were both reminded of Sept. 9th 2020, the day that smoke from the forest fires in California blocked out the sun. The sun never came out that day and the skies had this dim red glow the entire day. It felt apocalyptic. That this occurred in the middle of the COVID pandemic only made the entire experience even more ominous. We agreed that in the end the piece had brought us both back to that memory.

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