"Palindrome II" (1221)

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"Palindrome II" (1221)

48x60 inches

mixed media on canvas with polyester mesh

Collaboration with James Swinson

James Swinson and I were neighbors for the better part of 20 years. We hung sheetrock together, painted apartments, built photo sets. We organized open studios and did a lot of the things struggling artists do to make money or get some exposure. Our studios share a wall and for some period of time I knew all James's songs by heart (James is also a guitarist and singer/songwriter). Laying in bed I'd here James on the other side of the wall practicing. I never complained, I liked listening in secret. We are both rarely in Oakland anymore and even more rarely at the same time. When the occasion presents itself, in recent years, we make it a point to collaborate and make a few pieces. It's really more of a framework for us to spend some time, catch up and talk while doing what we love. It's always a spontaneous thing and consists of us using whatever we can find laying around our studios, stuff from past projects, old materials, whatever. The previous time we did this we made a piece we named "palindrome" because unintentionally it had the numeric palindrome 545 in it. This last time we met we realized the date was December 21st or 1221, another numeric palindrome. So we made this. Much of my work is very planned but these sessions with James are very spontaneous and I enjoy that aspect more and more over time. Really it's always a great day to see an old friend, shoot the shit and make something together.

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