Tanglang woman 3 (Holiday)

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"Tanglang woman 3 (Holiday)"

Mixed media on plywood

28 x 48inches (71 x 122cm)


 One of the portraits from my residency at
Jardin Orange in Shenzhen, China. This is 
was a very different process than I am used to. 
These were people on the street that we asked 
to photograph. It was all very brief, a few frames 
and we were done. They are this sort of 
cataloging of chance encounters that lasted 2-3 
Minutes. So brief that without the photograph 
I'm not sure what either of us would actually 
remember. That's what's interesting to me about 
the intention to create something. That intention 
alone actually changes and separates that 
moment from all the other moments perhaps 
simply because it had a purpose. 
This was also a time when I was trying to eliminate the rectangle from my artworks. What would start as a rectangle was reduced to the more essential elements of the piece.

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